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"The ability of the Freedom Acts team to engage all of the participants was evident from the start. They were thorough,professional, knowledgeable in their area of expertise and a joy to work with."

- Fidelma O’Hagan -
Solicitor (Human Trafficking & Immigration Law)

The training provided by Freedom Acts has helped develop the skills and abilities of Social Workers to recognise and respond to exploitation more effectively and develop more effective care and protection plans with the individuals concerned.
— James Todd, Adult Safeguarding Trainer, SHSCT

£50 a month will enable us to deliver a series package of bespoke training to front-line professionals on how to identify victims of exploitation and ways to report concerns securely.



£25 a month will help us to deliver a workshop to professionals on the signs and indicators of exploitation.


£15 a month will enable us to produce training packs for professionals.